“Only one year left!”

Bethany Geiger ‘10, Johanna Schwartz ’10, and Jennifer Edwards ’13That’s the thought that keeps pounding in my head. Just one year to do everything you still want to do!! It’s not so much a “last-minute” scramble as a “last year” scramble as I try to fit in all the Simon’s Rock experiences I’ve always wanted to have.

We Rockers like our professors and our classes and I’m no exception – I find myself overloading on courses. In addition to my usual theater classes, and my thesis, I’m taking Intro to Creative Writing, a Lit major requirement which I put off for years. Knowing that I should have taken this course long ago, I am able to examine how my writing has grown. How would Freshman Bethany have responded to these prompts? And how does Senior Bethany respond, after three years at this school? It’s also a fun class for Freshman-watching – a way to keep an eye on them, guess what they’ll be like after a year at this place, and see how their writing grows as they are exposed to Simon’s Rock culture.

Jennifer Edwards ‘13, Bethany Geiger ‘10, Moses Sukin ’10, and Max Oswald-Sells ’10But with one year left, I want to do more than fulfill requirements. I want to study topics I’ve never explored before. So I’m taking a Media Studies course. Odd choice for a children’s lit/theater major, I keep thinking. But here I am. As I only have one year left, I find myself asking what can I learn that is different from what I usually learn? What can another concentration offer me?

When your stopwatch starts ticking down, you start to get crazy ideas about how to finish. You start to ask yourself, what do I really want to do before I go? What is important to me? What can I try??

Busy though I am in the whirlwind of Simon’s Rock life, I hope to take the time to explore those questions this year– and to find the best answers I can during my final year here.

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  • Time flies! Education, if done right, doesn't stop once you graduate. Keep doing what your doing and adding more and more experiences.

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  • Education is what we make of t by our self. We need to build our own Universe. Thanks for sharing

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