Simon's Rock Film Major Sara Aboobakar Interviews Fellow Students

All Simon's Rock students share certain characteristics such as intelligence, ingenuity and inspiration; our students also come from all over the country and world, bringing their own unique histories and cultures to our classrooms and community. 

Simon's Rocker Sara Aboobakar stayed at school this summer to continue to study and practice her passion: film. One of her self-started projects was to traverse the campus, documenting the experiences of her fellow students, who, for varying reasons, also chose to spend their summer in the picturesque Berkshires. 

Trixie is here conducting research with her professor in one of the science labs; Andre, a psychology major, is giving tours to prospective students and their families; and Hannahlee is studying sustainability, getting her hands dirty — literally — in our gardens.

Hanna, Andre and Trixie: Three Students who Started College Early at Simon's Rock

started college early at age 17

The best part about Simon's Rock is that you take in information and you work it out into almost everything you do in life."


started college early at age 15

"I want to be challenged by my academics. I'm not going to school so that I can get a high school diploma, I don't want to go to college so I can get a college degree. I want to go to college, I want to go to high school, so I can learn something. And since I wasn't really getting that out of high school, I think that coming to Simon's Rock really helped me a lot." 


started college early at age 16

"I always wanted to be learning something new, exploring something, building something... Being trusted with something so big at such a young age is freeing."

Do you know someone who is dreading high school in the fall? Tell them about early college at Simon's Rock. It may change their life forever.


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