Simon's Rock Club FairIt’s a Friday evening in September and the Simon’s Rock Snack Bar is filled with students and energy.  At the college’s annual Club Fair, new students will get a feel of the extracurricular offerings on campus and club leaders will get a chance to recruit new members, using  tools like bright posters, freshly-baked brownies, and candy. Organized by Valerie Fanarjian, Campus Activities Director, Club Fair is open to all student clubs, established and new. 

Club FairA tour around the room offers a glimpse into each club’s traditions and plans for the upcoming year.  Cameron Powell ’12 and Hazemach ’12, co-presidents of Math Club, talk about their plans to bring in professors for lectures, attend seminars at other nearby colleges, and participate in the Putnam Competition this fall. The Video Games Club challenges anyone who dares to beat their current high score on the console they have set up. PDA (Public Displays of Artistry), the student performance group, is presenting upstairs in the conference room. Other offerings include Dungeons and Dragons, Chess Club, Star Trek, Model UN, and Chemistry Club. 

The night also lets clubs fairly new to campus, like the Swing Dance Club, try to establish themselves as solid traditions.  “I signed up for Swing Dance,” says Hanna Brandt ‘13. “I’m excited to see what it’s going to be like, meet new people, and try something new.” 

Ultimately, that is why the club fair is so important to all of us at Simon’s Rock: We get to share our passions with one another and fully to immerse ourselves in trying something new.

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