Alex TaylorOn Saturday, August 17, Bard College at Simon’s Rock welcomed its 46th class of freshmen from around the country and the world. One hundred and forty seven strangers arrived at the early college with at least one thing in common: each one of them left high school early to start college when they felt ready. 

What makes this event so remarkable is not that it was the first day of college, but that it happened a year, two years, and even three years earlier than expected.  High school must have seemed miles away as Provost Peter Laipson welcomed students to campus, offering a snapshot of the entering class in his remarks.   

The entering class of 2013 shares many things in common. They’ve been on student council and Model UN, rowed crew, played soccer, fenced, wrote poetry, made films, took photographs, and developed video games.  They are STEM students and robotics competitors, artists, musicians, and singers. They’ve helped their communities, aided their environment, and supported fellow students as tutors and leaders.  In sheer numbers they are 60% female, 40% male, 12% first generation, 11% international, and 34% students of color.  

And like Rockers before them, our newest class has embraced challenges, taken risks, and had the courage to question the status quo. They saw an opportunity to challenge themselves and seized it. At Simon’s Rock they finally found a community of like-minded peers.  

For those of us in Admission, it’s a thrill to welcome the newest Rockers. We watch with a sense a pride as individuals come together as a united class. We've worked with these amazing young people and their families from the first moment they learned of Simon's Rock, for some well over a year ago. It is such a privilege to see what once was only a dream or a hope come to fruition on a gorgeous summer day in the Berkshires.


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  • Guest - Steve Kimball

    I remember my own arrival, as one of those early early students i.e. should have been going to 10th grade, but went to the Rock instead! Meeting people from all different backgrounds and cultures was an amazing growing experience for me. Best decision I made in 1980. Thanks for sharing!

    from New Hampshire, USA
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